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Math Using Hamburger Paper!

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This week's topic for the Virtual Curriculum Fair is "Discovering Patterns: Mathematics, Logic, and some Science. This theme can include anything to do with mathematics, mathematical thinking, numbers, arithmetic, symbolic logic, critical thinking, and math-y sciences (physics, chemistry, etc.)."

We love science in our house and I have a few posts about out Physics studies in the following posts:
We have done chemistry a few times too. We do not use the "typical" curriculum for science classes. For this Curriculum Fair though, I have chosen to talk about the Math choices we made for my son this year.

Christopher started the year doing Teaching Textbook Geometry. Nathan did the same curriculum a few years ago. Christopher was really struggling. He was using the CD's and even that did not seem to help. I went overs his errors with him and tried to help. Things were better for a little while then he really started to struggle. I had talked with a friend and she had suggested that we do the curriculum but skip the proofs if we had to, but not to change curriculum. I took her suggestion and it did not really seem to help at all. He was still struggling. I did terrible with High School level geometry when I took it and so I could sympathize. We do not encourage our children to give up on things but some times we just have to do what WE think is best for our students. After talking it over several times with my husband and praying about it we decided to switch Christopher over to Key To Geometry and Patty Paper Geometry. 

We already had the Patty Paper Geometry book, I just had to make copies of the parts of the lessons. As for the Key To Geometry we ordered the Student books, except for book 8 (I already had that one). I already had the books with the Answers and Notes because this was the curriculum we used for our non-math oriented girls when they were doing school.
Patty Paper??? What it that? Well, patty paper is the squares of waxed paper that are used by fast food restaurants to separate uncooked hamburger patties.... thus the name for my post! LOL These papers are the perfect size for tracing and folding and this curriculum uses them for both. This curriculum uses the patty papers to help the students investigate and discover most of the properties of High School Geometry. It will help them answer questions like What do we know about an isosceles triangle or What is true about the diagonals of a rhombus? Any properties that can be discovered using a compass and a straightedge can be discovered by using patty papers. Trace one angle to see if another angle is congruent. Take an angle and fold it in half to find the angle bisector. The investigations get more and more detailed and complicated. The student can do guided investigations where they are given more explanations and guidance or the open investigations which are more independent. Christopher is doing the guided investigations. After the investigations there are exercises so the student can practice the new information he discovered.

 Here is a sample from one of Christopher's assignments. This was what the Exercise said to do...
"Sketch and carefully label each figure. 3. Equilateral triangle DOT with L, I, and P the midpoints of DO, OT, and DT, respectively and segments LI, IP, and LP."
There should be lines over the letters for the segments but I could not figure out how to get my computer keyboard to let me put them in. Christopher did a great job on this. You can see the lines from where he folded the paper to make the equilateral triangle and to find the midpoints. He labeled everything correctly. If you would like to see the picture larger just click on it... it should open in a new tab so you don't loose your place here. This was investigation 4 out of the 12 in the book. I am spreading the lessons out through the year between doing booklets of the Key To Geometry. I hope getting to see an example of one part of an exercise helps you understand how this curriculum works. If you have questions, just ask.

Christopher is also doing Key to Geometry® from Key Curriculum Press. Key To Geometry is listed for grades 4-12. Most people would not count it as a math course for the college bound student but so far none of our children are interested in college. When they finish, students have been introduced to 134 geometric terms. It says they are now ready to handle proofs. I just don't see the need for it now. Christopher is doing really well with these 2 curricula. If Christopher changes his mind later he can pick up extra Math if he needs to. If he has a goal and needs more math then he will apply himself and get it done. When we add in the Patty Paper Geometry I think it is fine... more than fine. I do not remember any of the Geometry that I had and never found a use for it. Nathan made it through the Teaching Textbooks Geometry but the girls did this Key to and we did what we thought was best for our kids.

The Patty Paper Geometry page of the website says,
"Use Patty Paper Geometry as a supplement to your geometry program or even as a major course of study."
I think, combining the 2 programs, that it is enough geometry for my son. I can tell you one thing for sure... we are both a lot less frustrated and he is learning.

Get more information from the publisher, Key Curriculum Press, HERE
or check out this link to Amazon Patty Paper Geometry
Get Patty paper from Key Curriculum Press, or get some from Amazon, HERE.
Or check out the same products at my favorite company Rainbow Resource.

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Susan said...

This is a great post, Debbie! I'm making a note about this as my oldest struggles with math as well and I may need to try this when he gets to geometry (he's using Key to Fractions right now).

Thank you for joining the Virtual Curriculum Fair. I'm tweeting your post.

Joi said...

What a great idea!


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