Friday, February 24, 2012

First Trip to Winterthur 2012

Yesterday we took our first trip to Winterthur for the 2012 year. There were lots of flowers all over the gardens and lots of shoots coming up. It was a great day to walk... especially since it was warm and today is so dreary and raining. I hope you enjoy the photos.


Jessica and the first of the Giant Snowdrops


some kind of shoots... 
don't know what
but love the purple color

Daffodil leaves

 Day Lily leaves

Love the view

there were 2 of them


lovely crocus just budding

Aconites and a Crocus

 a whole field of Adonis

 a close up of some moss
photo came out really cool

 no idea what these are
they were lovely though
they were on top of the wall behind the patio by the mansion

 this is the patio
the purple flowers were to the left of this photo

 my family

not sure what this is
maybe the entrance to the old ice house

this cool beetle landed on Christopher's shirt
he blew him off and he landed on the road
I chased him down to take a picture
and just as I was ready to snap the photo
he stopped crawling and "posed"

 These dried flowers from last year looked so cool
and lacy

especially in the close up further down

 "On a clear day,
stop and look around you..."

 The geese are just covering the pond
the sound of their honking was cool too.

 Love this gnarly tree

 The tree is full of woodpecker holes.

 heading out

 The light on the azaleas was so cool,
it made them look like they were covered with dew.
Can't wait to see the blooms.

Time to go home!

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Hubby said...

I like #19 (if I counted correctly). It's the tree trunk with lots of character with the mulchy ground with a few yellow flowers. Love. Hubby


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