Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Homeschool Review Crew - Professor in a Box

Professor in a Box "Financial Accounting" by Michael P. Licata, Ph.D. is an accounting course for homeschool/ high school students. Michael Licata is a professor at Villanova University, yet he brings his accounting principles to down-to-earth people like us. The program is laid out in logical steps with simple explanations and illustrations. It may seem fast paced at times but a simple menu "playback" bar at the bottom of each slide allows you to review things quickly and easily.

Mr. Licata first goes through each principle and offers a logical explanation for each. Next, he shows it's purpose within the accounting system and how it may be used in a company or corporation, and finally, offers how it would be used practically within the accounting forms themselves.

My husband and sons hope to some day have a business of their own, so Nathan and my husband Court did the lessons, with me just observing. We hope to complete all the lessons and plan to use the program with Christopher when he is older. Our son, Nathan, had a natural affinity for the involved work, although my husband Court was a little slow to understand. Nevertheless, even my husband could grasp the concepts and retain it's principles. Some programs take you through systematic steps to a final test with steps that cannot be retraced. Not so with this one. Every step can be played over and over again. This makes it ideal for those who have difficulty with the concepts as my husband did. You watch the lessons, do the homework problems, check the solutions and take the tests. The lessons are like PowerPoint presentations with audio of Professor Licata.

It is a well made program that is complete and thorough. No other CDs to buy. I think it is a great program for any student wanting to learn accounting or homeschooling family wanting to start a business.
  • This is a college level course similar in content to the first accounting course taken by all students in university and college schools of business across the country.
  • Featuring content coverage for the new CLEP Financial Accounting Exam
  • Will help current and future business owners
  • No textbook, no 40 page chapters to read
  • Comes with three Student CD's and one Instructor's CD
  • Has a 30-day money back guarantee

Price: $149.99
Summer Special: $134.99
Free shipping!
Buy Now From Professor in a Box

I know what you are thinking. That is expensive. Yes it it, but you have to take into account that it is equal to a complete entry level college course and if your child took the CLEP test he could save having to take this course in college. If you are planning a business, or have one already, think of the money it could save you if you do your own accounting.
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***Professor in a Box provided me with the program on CDs so that I could do my review. Though I received this product for free I have given an honest review of them here in this post. 


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