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Christmas Ornaments

Every year for the past few, I have made ornaments for my children, my mother, my husband and myself. Below you will find pictures of them. I want the children to have ornaments to take with them when they leave our home and start their own home and their own Christmas traditions. I wish I had started this when the girls were little. They do each have baby's first Christmas ornaments and a few others given by friends and family over the years.

I am always on the look out for what I want to make for next year's ornament. I buy Christmas craft books at library sales, yard sales, Goodwill, anywhere I find them. Sometimes I buy a new book or project sets from a craft store. I also save sites and projects from the internet. If you have any good sites or ideas for ornaments I can make next year leave me a comment with a link. Oh, I don't crochet or knit, but I do most everything else. My daughter crochet's and knits and she has been making ornaments for the last few years too.

Well here are the pictures of the ornaments:

 These are from Court and my first Christmas together, 1984, they are done with candlewicking.
Here are some free candlewicking patterns from the internet.
Some of the patterns at the site above would be great for ornaments, you may have to shrink them a little, unless you like really big ornmanents.

 Christmas 2003
 This is the back of the round ornament with the bear on it. It shows the date for you.
These were cross stitched and then I used double sided iron on facing to stick material to the back to make them look neater. Then I used pinking shears on the edges.


I only made one of him, I did not make him for the whole family. He was really hard to do, took a lot of time but he is soooo cute.He is made with felt and hand stitched. My sister-in-law made one too, then she made on using puff paint, it was much easier. I am not sure what year I made him. It was a while back.


 Christmas 2005. Done on Plastic Canvas
The boys ornaments have holly on their hats and the girls ones have snowflakes on their hats.

 These were in little kits from ACMoore. Each was a complete kit with hanger, material and the floss for stitching. I added our names myself, I forgot to put Rachel's name on hers. I am not sure which year these were from.

I am missing a few years ornaments here. I am not sure what they were or where they went. I could not remember what I made. Maybe I did not make anything, I am not sure.

Christmas 2008
These are plastic canvas. I used varigated floss.
After the stiching is done you use seed beads in the ceter or around the edges.
They turned out beautiful. We each have a different color.




 These are from this year. The stockings open up and you can put little treats in them. I already know what I am putting in them for this year. A special small gift I made for each family member, and a small candy or two. I can not show you the original because the pattern is from a book and copyrighted. The book is called "Christmas all through the house". You can find it at this link from It has a lot of great projects I hope to do in the coming years. These stockings turned out better than I thought they would and look even better in person than they do in the picture.

These are some similar projects with stockings. You may want to check them out. I know... I went a little crazy but I hope these sites help someone out:
Here are some general crafting web pages:
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