Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Unplugged Challenge from last week

Fluffy - Pom Poms for Peace (Weekly Unplugged Project)

I have been busy with Christmas preparations and have not taken the time to blog so this is late.

This also counted as one of our Advent Calendar Activities since I put the Unplugged Challenge on a card in their Advent Calendar.

We had a "ball" (LOL) making the pompoms today. I made a giant one for my room as you will see from the pictures below.

These are the pompoms we sent to Pompom International

Nathan and his pompom

Christopher and his pompom

My pompom

This pompom I made for my room!!

The purple pompom 3 1/3 inches wide - the big multi-color pompom 5 inches wide.

There is still time to join the fun for this week, go to Unplug Your Kids for details.


1 comment:

Laura O said...


I love seeing all you and the boys do. Thanks for sharing in this public forum.

On a side note, I'm tagging you for a Meme on my blog today. I hope you'll participate.


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