Monday, December 22, 2008

The Simple Woman's Daybook - December 22

FOR TODAY... Monday, December 22nd

Outside my window... This morning when I wrote this it was...bright and sunny and cold,
thank goodness after many days of rain, sleet, and gloom Now it is dark and cold and I am trying to stay awake and wait for my dh to come home... the rest was written this morning but posted tonight since I got busy and did not get back to add the picture and post it until now.

I am thinking... "when will my mom get here" concerned about her driving the 1 hour
drive from my sister's place where she lives to our house - she is 86 this year and still driving but it concerns me sometimes... will she get here without getting lost like she has in the past?

I am thankful... that the books we ordered from Vision Forum arrived today!!! We were not sure they would get here in time for Christmas! And thankful for the great deal we got... over $140 in free books due to the sale they had!!! YIPPEE!! More Great reading times ahead!!! They were gifts from my mom. Rachel got 4 books, Jessica got 5 books, Nathan got 2 books and a Henty on CD, Christopher got 3 books and I got 4 books. Thanks Mom!!!

From the learning rooms... finishing up on Nativity Lapbooks (two mini books today and two tomorrw then they just need to be glued together, otherwise on Christmas Break until Jan. 5th

From the kitchen... dd Rachel finishing the buckeyes and the kids and I, and mom if she arrives in time will be decorating some sugar cookies with icing. Pictures, I am sure, will be on my dd's blog later today or tomorrow.

I am wearing... blue pants, snow man turtleneck, snow man fleece top and slippers

I am creating... special Christmas ornaments, look for pictures later today on my blog.

I am going... shopping later for last minute items we need for Christmas day and for other regular needs like... we are out of dishwasher soap!! I have to wait for my mom to get here though so I can use her car. Dh is working 7am to 11:45 pm today and tomorrow so he can have off on Wed. and hopefully off on Friday! Pray for him if you will, those are two looooong days. He want to work this morning, he left at 6:15 and he will not be back until it is tomorrow morning at about 12:15 then 5 hours or so of sleep and then back to work for the same schedule on Tues. Also, pray the boss keeps his word and lets the guys all have Friday off!!

I am reading... Two from Gallilee but I have not had much time to read it lately, but I can't wait to get my hands on my new books from Vision Forum

I am hoping... we can go look at lights Christmas Eve since we have not had time to do that yet, and that it will be good weather that night for it.

I am hearing... noises from the kids watching Christmas movies and chatting loudly enough for me to hear them but I can't here what they are saying

Around the house... all cleaned up and ready for Christmas and for my mom to come

One of my favorite things... making a new ornament for each family member each year so when they get married and leave us they will have a stock of ornaments to take with them for their first tree with their new spouse.

A few plans for the rest of the week:
finish the ornaments, finish grocery shopping, finish my mom's gift - a calendar with pictures of our family on it, sing at the Christmas Eve service at our church, Christmas Day - enjoy the kids and time together, play games with the kids and my mom, finish the puzzle we are working on... whatever else comes up!

Here is picture thought I am sharing
Our Christmas Tree with gifts under it

Click the link to find the details of what to do for The Simple Woman's Daybook

Have a Wonder Filled Week,
Make a Memory with your kids,

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