Monday, December 8, 2008

Homeschool Weekly #16

This week we started our Christmas Unit. We are doing the lapbook You're a Mean one Mr. Grinch from Live and Learn. You can find it at CurrClick if you want to check it out for possible purchase.

The boys did three mini books a day.

They are also continuing to do activities from our Advent Chalendar, see the post Advent Calendar Resources by scrolling down or clicking this link.
Advent Activities for the week included:
A Christmas Carol Quiz of sorts
Picking Jesus Helpers
Doing the Think Challenge
Doing the Unplugged Challenge
Read a Christmas book of their choice
Give a Hug Day
Wear Red or Green Day

We are continuing our Artist and Composer Studies. This week they did mini books for Bach that I got from I got three mini books from their site. Here is the direct link to the first pdf. Here is the direct link to the second pdf. Here is the direct link to the third pdf, it is a Composer Childhood page that can be used for any composer. Here is the link to the page I found the pdf links on. It is a page of Miscellaneous Lapbook Templates, scan down to Composer to find the Bach and Childhood pdf's. And, you can find more study tools here including a pdf of some notebooking pages and many other things to enhance your study.

or you can do notebooking pages from scroll down until you see the pdf for Bach.

They filled in the mini books using information from The Gift of Music and from Color the Classics - Color the Godly Composers

They also listened to Bach's Brandenberg Concerto #6 again and Mr. Bach Comes to Call on cd.

Math the same as usual.
Copywork/Language Arts the writing for the lapbook on the Grinch and the Bach mini books.
Grammar - continuing with Operation English Grammar lapbook

Hope you had a Joy filled week,


Anonymous said...

What a neat week filled with Christmas!

Thanks for sharing :)

Laura O said...


My older boys did the Grinch lapbook last year and enjoyed it. I put packaging tape over the word find and maze so they could do them over and over with a dry erase marker.

I'll have to pull them out for them to 'read' through this month. Speaking of the Grinch, hubby and boys are watching the cartoon version as I type.


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