Thursday, September 11, 2008

Fireproof - the Movie

In case you have not seen the ads for this movie, I wanted to share it here.

Facing the Giants is the best film I have seen in many a year.
Now the creators of Facing the Giants have made a new movie,
especially for couples.

This is one movie you don't want to miss.
Take your husband/wife on a date night!
Don't miss opening weekend Sept. 26th - 27th, 2008


Watch the video below then click on the banner above to go directly to the fireproof website for more information on the movie and where you can see it in your area.

Hope you go see the movie opening weekend, it is especially important. Send Hollywood a message that we want to see more good films like this.


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ridge765 said...

My husband and I saw Fireproof in a pre-screening, and we loved it. It promotes covenant marriage and unconditional love, two topics seldom mentioned (mostly degraded) in films today. At the screening we got a copy of the Love Dare book used in the movie and a "Couple's Kit" (a study for couples to do together at home.) Both books are superb. I found them online at Hope this helps--it did for us!


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