Friday, September 26, 2008

Storing Scrapbook Scraps

A few days ago one of my homeschool buddies had a post on her blog about how she organizes the scraps of paper left from her scrapbooking projects. I thought I would point you to her post and post one myself on the same subject.

I will post how I do it first then give you my friends link at the end.

Here is how I store my scraps.

On my scrapbook table,

which happens to be in my bedroom,
(we have a little house and this is the only place I have for doing my scrapbooking)

I have a homemade organizer.

It is the one in the middle of this picture, the redish box with the white and gray boxes on it.
It contained a pair of shoes originally but was sized so it would fit my extra 12 x 12 paper. In front of the extra 12 x 12 paper I keep the zipper bags with my scraps in them. I can just lift the bags up until I find the one with the color I need in it and just take that bag out of the organizer.

I sort the plain colors together - similar colors in one bag
for example this bag has red, dark red.
I choose to put pink in a separate bag because I have a lot of shades of pink and it is easier to have a separate bag for it.
You can choose what colors to group together and what colors to give a separate bag.

The bag above has scraps of patterned paper of all kinds.
I do not really have to much of this at a time it seams so one bag with all the patterned paper scraps works for me. You can separate it if you need to.

This is a quart size bag. It contains smaller pieces of scrap that are already cut to a shape. I cut some of these for a project, then I either changed my mind or it did not fit like I wanted. I did not want to throw them out so I have them in this bag. Also, in this bag, are pre-cut frames for individual photos, which I purchased and have not used for anything yet.

I will show some of my other organizing systems in later blogs and I also will take photos and post some of my favorite pages I have made.

AND as promised here is the link to my friend Leslie Valeska's Blog
at Journey to Simplicity
thanks for the great idea Leslie

Click here to go to Leslie's Site

This is the Day that the Lord has Made,
Let us REJOICE and be GLAD in it!!!

P.S. Don't forget to go see Fireproof with your spouse or fiance this weekend. See the link in the widget on my sidebar or my previous post about it.


Jen - Balancing beauty and bedlam said...

Found you through the lapbook group. I have been stuck in the decorating blog "ring" and am excited to break away to some home school blogs. :)

Chasity said...

Very neat Debbie, Thank you for sharing. I do not scrapbook, but the organizational things could be used for lapbooking materials as well.
Be blessed,

Sheri said...

Hey Debbie Most Helpful! Tag! You're it! You have just been tagged (go here for details: Have a great day!


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