Thursday, May 15, 2008

Notebooking and Copywork

We have enjoyed notebooking and lapbooking for the first time this year. The boys did mostly copywork, though for most of it they were given choices of what to copy for the subject we were doing. We did notebooking for both History and Science and of course both count as part of their Language Arts. We also did notebooking of Scripture Verses and Poems that exemplify character traits I am trying to instill in my boys.
Below you will see some scans of some of our favorite pages and I put links in the column on the side to my favorite Notebooking/Copywork free and sale sites.
For Science we were doing Biomes/Plants/Animals. The pages I included from Science are my ds11's Penguin pages. He choose the poems he liked best from some sites I found on the Internet.

Also there is one page on Millipedes that my ds 11 picked out from a poem book we got at the Library.

One thing to remember for next year is to document where we get the Notebooking/Copywork from on the child's page or maybe on the back to help us remember and to give credit to the author.

For History we covered from the Birth of Augustus Caesar to the Dark Ages.
The pages I included are from my ds 13
the Bible Acts 8:39-40

The Finding of the Dead Sea Scrolls
My boys do not like drawing and getting them to do this is like pulling teeth. We are still working on their writing too. That is one of their most challenging areas in their education.

For Character/Language Arts we did copywork of poems from:
The Book of Virtues edited, with commentary, by William J. Bennett
The Moral Compass edited, with commentary, by William J. Bennett
Favorite Poems Old and New selected by Helen Ferris
Poems for Memorization by Rod and Staff

the pages below are from my ds 13

"Work While You Work"

"If You Were"

"It Can Be Done"

George Washington's Rules of Civility
I hope this gives you some ideas for Notebooking and Copywork and don't forget to check out my favorite Notebooking and Copywork links in the column on the right



Penney Douglas said...

Hi Debbie!

Fancy meeting you here! I enjoyed your post. You're always so helpful! I'll "see" you later.


Anonymous said...

Hey Debbie,
Tell your boys thank you! Little Critter struggles with his handwriting also. Your boy's articles and poems are great! I love the penquin papers!!! Now if I can just relax a little and give him time....he's only 8. Just seeing how well your boys have done gives me hope for Little Critter!!!! Shalom, Joie


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