Thursday, August 7, 2008

More links for the Olympics

Here are some more links. Some of these were suggested by the ladies in one of my yahoo groups. Later today I will be posting a couple of pictures of finished mini books we have done so far and the maps my kids have done so far. Sooo come back later and check that out.

This site has two great free pdf's with samples of their Journey to Beijing Activity books for two different age groups. The free sample looks great... I wish I had the $10 to buy the whole book. Well at least we get a couple of great free pages. They have a number of related products for sale also.
I found this link on Dori's Tumble from yesterday - thanks Dori-- check it out here - she posts more great free stuff every day.

Here are some links that give info about the history of the Olympic games:

Donn's History site

Here are some Lesson Plans

This is an article on how major sports events affect the environment in a negative way and what is being to done to solve some problems. Beijing and the 2008 Olympics are included. Beijing is one of the world's most polluted cities but steps are being taken to improve the situation:

Lots of info about the Olympics on this site: details about the city, how to encourage good sportsmanship, all about the different sports included in the Olympics, fun activities for the whole family, and fun facts.

On this page you will find many activities and ideas for an exciting week of Olympic festivities. Introduce your children to the idea of people from many countries all over the world gathering to compete and have fun. Give each child who participates in an event an Olympic Badge.

Olympic-inspired activities and games for fun, exercise, and challenges for the whole family!

The following is the search results in Internet archive for out of copyright books related to the Olympics

click this link, Then click on the book cover. It will take you to the flash version of the book. Pages 30 - 37 are about the ancient Olympics.

this is a link to another blog with a list of links for the olympics

Olympic Games

Celebrate the world's biggest sporting festival.

All About Beijing

2008 Summer Olympic Games Events

Top 10 Olympic Controversies

Olympic Scandals Quiz

On Your Marks, Get Set, Go!

Quiz: The Olympic Games of Old

What's Your Favorite Summer Olympic Games Event?

More on the Olympic Games

Hope these help you in your pursuit of great studies of the Beijing Olympics and Olympics in general, with your lapbooks, notebooking and or units.

Debbie Phillips

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