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TOS Homeschool Crew Review - Travel the World

This is my first review of the 2010-2011 Crew year. I am reviewing the E-book: Travel the World - June 2010 Module. One of the first things you may have noticed is that the e-book is labeled Schoolhouse Planner. Each month in the planner there is an topic to study. Along with the yearly planner TOS puts out, which has a lot of great forms in it, they put out an e-book each month that goes along with the monthly topic in the planner. These modules can be used in addition to the planner or separately from it. Each module is designed to be its own stand-alone unit study. And they are great.

This e-book's topic is world geography. The e-book Travel the World has 56 pages with color photographs, the activity pages are mostly black and white to make it cheaper to print. One of the lapbook pages does have color as does the rebus puzzle, the rebus picture could be looked at only on the pdf and the lapbook element could be printed black and white if you wanted. Most of the e-book modules use the same format. This e-book includes: information about geography, a song, links to additional activities all over the Internet, links to games to help you learn about the continents, fill in the blank, word search and other activity pages, coloring pages, lapbook elements, copywork (in this case from the Bible as well as other sources), recipes, and even a High School section for older students. One of the other nice features is an answer key, always nice to have to make the teacher's job easier. There is also a link list to other TOS products and products from other companies that TOS sells that pertain to the topic. These can help you expand your study. The information in the e-book is good but the links they have included in the text give you a lot of ways to expand on that information and were especially wonderful. I am a resource junkie and it was lovely to have so much work done for me, with great new links I have never seen before. They have done a lot of work to make these unit studies easy to use for us. 

The boys and I love unit studies. These are very well done. I liked the whole thing, I did not see anything that needed improving. It was a good study to do for the summer and gave the boys some activity to keep them busy. One son loves the lapbooks, he said this was "the most fun way to learn geography, ever!" They both like the crossword and other activity pages. They love online games so the links to the games were a favorite part too.

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Not much teacher preparation is necessary if you are just using this unit study as is. These are good e-books as I said and can be used alone or would complement any study you are doing. I highly recommend them to anyone that is trying to expand their study of a topic that TOS covers with one of the modules. There are a variety of activities and so the e-book would be good for all ages from Early Elementary to High School. I printed out the information pages in color (you could just have your children look at the pages in the pdf if you don't want to print them) and the activity pages I wanted the boys to do and gave them to them to work on during our summer break. When they finished the pages, I gave them the pdf so they could explore the links for further study. Because this is an e-book you can use this product more than once with your children expanding on their use as they grow.

There are many topics already available and they make a new one each month. You can order one e-book for $7.95 or you can buy 3 at a time for $17.88. The buy three at a time page has a convenient list of all the modules they have produced so far which makes it easy to pick the ones that you will need for the coming year. You can also order the whole 12 pack of modules from the 2008-2009 year and/or from the 2009-2010 year for $83.95 for each year. You can order the 2010 planner here for $39.00 and right now if you buy the planner you get a year of the TOS magazine for free.

TOS also has many other products specifically made for homeschoolers so you should check out their store.

Out of five stars I give the E-book: Travel the World - June 2010 Module

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*** TOS provided me with the E-book: Travel the World - June 2010 Module so that I could do my review. Though I received this product for free I have given an honest review of it here in this post.


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Enjoyed reading your great review!

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