Friday, February 5, 2010

How to Teach Science website, newsletter and Freebie

I have been subscribed to the newsletter at How to Teach Science for a while. Today she asked that we pass on her freebie to our blog readers and friend and to encourage them to sign up. Here is the page for her newsletter sign up. Also, check around the other parts of the website.  

Here is the "blurb" from the newsletter and the freebie:
I have no advertising budget so I grow only by word of mouth. And thank you so very much for sharing my work!!! I think I must have the highest rate of referrals of any person. I feel so lucky. I am including a Valentine's gift of an activity and article in this issue. You can only get it through this link. Please forward this newsletter to anyone you think might enjoy it. You can't access it from the main site, only with this link. Please also feel free to use it on your blogs or in your newsletters.

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