Friday, February 26, 2010

Freebie from Notebooking News

I just got a great freebie from my Notebooking News newsletter...Spring Sample pages for a Mom's Home Journal. O.K. you say... so what... it it just a sample. This freebie sample is 102 pages long. It has a notebook cover, calendar pages, writing pages for whatever you want, to do lists, shopping lists, yearly, monthly and weekly planners, meal planners, and more. To get this... and other... great freebies you need to sign up for the Notebooking News. Go to this page: and sign up at the top of the page for Notebooking News. She sends you subscriber only downloads sometimes, that is what this newsletter contained. Oh and while you are there check out the freebies on her site. She should send you the current newsletter with the freebie in it. If she does not send you the newsletter with this title "Hey Mom! Spring Pages for Your Journal & More" just e-mail me at dlphsmom at aim dot com and I will forward the newsletter to you, she gave us permission to do that. It is well worth your time and of course since it is free your time is all it will cost you. These are great, fun, and pretty pages for mom's and daughters like to get organized for spring.



Laura O said...

I love Debra's pages and bought the entire collection during a big sale last year. Before then, I was using several of her free pages. Thanks for the reminder to read those newsletters she sends out.

Michele said...

Thanks for the tip!


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