Friday, September 26, 2008

Storing Scrapbook Scraps

A few days ago one of my homeschool buddies had a post on her blog about how she organizes the scraps of paper left from her scrapbooking projects. I thought I would point you to her post and post one myself on the same subject.

I will post how I do it first then give you my friends link at the end.

Here is how I store my scraps.

On my scrapbook table,

which happens to be in my bedroom,
(we have a little house and this is the only place I have for doing my scrapbooking)

I have a homemade organizer.

It is the one in the middle of this picture, the redish box with the white and gray boxes on it.
It contained a pair of shoes originally but was sized so it would fit my extra 12 x 12 paper. In front of the extra 12 x 12 paper I keep the zipper bags with my scraps in them. I can just lift the bags up until I find the one with the color I need in it and just take that bag out of the organizer.

I sort the plain colors together - similar colors in one bag
for example this bag has red, dark red.
I choose to put pink in a separate bag because I have a lot of shades of pink and it is easier to have a separate bag for it.
You can choose what colors to group together and what colors to give a separate bag.

The bag above has scraps of patterned paper of all kinds.
I do not really have to much of this at a time it seams so one bag with all the patterned paper scraps works for me. You can separate it if you need to.

This is a quart size bag. It contains smaller pieces of scrap that are already cut to a shape. I cut some of these for a project, then I either changed my mind or it did not fit like I wanted. I did not want to throw them out so I have them in this bag. Also, in this bag, are pre-cut frames for individual photos, which I purchased and have not used for anything yet.

I will show some of my other organizing systems in later blogs and I also will take photos and post some of my favorite pages I have made.

AND as promised here is the link to my friend Leslie Valeska's Blog
at Journey to Simplicity
thanks for the great idea Leslie

Click here to go to Leslie's Site

This is the Day that the Lord has Made,
Let us REJOICE and be GLAD in it!!!

P.S. Don't forget to go see Fireproof with your spouse or fiance this weekend. See the link in the widget on my sidebar or my previous post about it.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Creation Science for Kids - Class starts TODAY!

My boys are so excited about this class. They are excited to get online and IM with other homeschooled children about Creation and maybe about homeschooling in general.

It is not to late to join us. It is never to late to buy a ticket to one of Cindy's Seminars. I have some seminars that I love and I was there LIVE and I have some I love and I got them way AFTER they were recorded! They are great resources anytime!! I love being able to go back and listen to them over and over. And the amount of extra's you get with each class will blow you away.

You should see all the wonderful resources Felice is giving us for this class. I printed the pages for the first day and gave them to my kids. The boys looked through them and the 11 yo said, "These are all for the first class. All these pages are only for the first class, WOW!". Those pages I printed were only the tip of the iceberg in all that Felice and Cindy have given us. AND yesterday I got an e-mail with more pages for today and with other "goodies" we will need for class. So I need to print them out before class starts.

But it is not to late to sign up and join us
just click on the link below:

Click here to go to the "Creation Science" site

It will give you all the details you need.

See you at 10am CST (11am Eastern Time, my time)

Debbie Phillips

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Creation Science for Kids Post 3

What: A Creation Science Workshop in Your Home!

When: Mondays, September 22 - October 27

Where: Talk-a-Latte Conference Room Online

Time: 10CST-11:30CST

Who: K-8th grade or anyone interested in the wonders of God's awesome creation!

Click Here:

Today I am going to tell you what we are doing for science this year. We are doing a Human Body/Nutrition/Exercise right now. So far in our Human Body Unit we have done the following:

Titles of resources (the first time they are mentioned) are in Bold Blue and if you click on them it will take you to a link for that book so you can see a copy

Day 1 - Lyrical Life Science Volume 3 : Human Body
Song 1 Introduction to the Human Body
Workbook pg. 4-5 Read Text pg. 4 - 7
and Prudence and the Millers by Mildred A. Martin chapter 1

Day 2 - Review Lyrical Life Science Song 1
(from now on I will not include this in the list but we do this each day until we know the song by heart then we review it once a week)
Read Creation Anatomy by Felice Gerwitz (teacher for the Creation for Kids online class) and Jill Whitlock pg. 10 - 12
and Prudence and the Millers ch 2

Day 3 - Read Blood and Guts - by Linda Allison pg. 105 - 110
and Prudence and the Millers ch. 3

Day 4 - Watch The Magic School Bus - Human Body by Asia Vieira, Karen Bernstein, Edward Asner, and Josh LaBove (DVD Includes three episodes: For Lunch; Inside Ralphie; and Flexes Its Muscles). They watched two episodes today - Magic School Bus Flexes its Muscles and Magic School Bus Gets Eaten

Day 5 - Watched Magic School Bus Inside Ralphie and
Bill Nye the Science Guy - Human Body Inside Scoop
and Prudence and the Millers ch. 4

Day 6 - Lyrical Life Science Vol 3: Human Body - Skeletal Song - Worktext pg. 6-8 Text pg. 8-15

Day 7 - Considering God's Creation by Lesson 29 Man - Skeletal System

Day 8 - The Human Body - Reproducible Activity Book Manufacturer: Frank Schaffer (mine says Instructional Fair, Inc. but it is OLD!!!) pg. 3 - 13

and since I am sharing about what we are doing for Human Body and I want you to see some of what Felice's book is like the article I am putting on today is:

Experiments Taken from Creation Anatomy: A Study Guide to the Body
by Felice Gerwitz and Jill Whitlock

1. Squeeze a tennis ball. The force needed to squeeze a tennis ball is like the force needed to squeeze blood out of the heart. Measure your child’s pulse rate (for example, sixty-six times per minute.) Squeeze the tennis ball that amount of times. Can you imagine how hard your heart works in one hour? One day?

2. Has your child (or you!) had a cut or scraped knee lately? The next time you do, observe the injury. What happens to the wound once the bleeding is stopped? How long does it take to clot or for a scab to form? Why does this happen?

3. Observe how uniquely God made us by fingerprinting each child.
a. Make a pencil smudge by shading a two-inch square until there is a layer of graphite.
b. Next have your child rub his index finger into the graphite
c. And then place a piece of clear tape over the darkened finger.
d. Remove the tape
e. Stick it on a sheet of typing paper.
f. Repeat this process until all the fingers are done.
g. Observe the patterns with a magnifying glass. Have several children do this activity. Are any of the prints the same?

4. Demonstrate osmosis of a cell membrane (a semi-permeable barrier).
a. Put two tablespoons of cornstarch into a small sandwich baggie and mix it with water until the bag will sink in a small beaker of water.
b. Put a twisty tie on the baggie and place it into a beaker making sure it is above the water level (so that water won’t seep in).
c. Add a few drops of iodine to the water turning it a pale brownish color.
d. Leave overnight.
e. Observe the effects on the cornstarch mixture.
i. Why did this happen?
ii. Why didn’t the water change color?
iii. How could evolution explain the complexity of cells to allow certain molecules, such as water, free passage through the cell membrane, while other substances, such as proteins, can only pass through at a certain site? (How the Body Works).

5. Study the art of fingerprinting. How did this practice begin? When was it discovered to be an effective means of identification? What is the latest trend in identification? (eyes) What steps are being taken in various forms of identification?

6. Take a glass of water and add several teaspoons of salt to it. What happens? (This is an example of a decomposition reaction. The water molecules break the bonding of the salt crystals into sodium and chlorine ions.) Continue to add salt, a teaspoon at a time, until no more salt will dissolve. Keep track of how many teaspoons you have added. Now heat the solution. Can you add more salt? Record how much salt you added in all. Let the water evaporate and observe. What happened and why?

About Felice Gerwitz...

Felice Gerwitz has lectured extensively on the topic of science fairs. She is an award winning author and her book “An Insider’s Guide to Successful Science Fair Projects” was chosen book of the month by God’s World Publishing. Let Felice help you teach Creation Science to your children each Monday morning from September 22-October 28. Learn more here:

or sign up for ALL the fall sessions by buying the FALL SEASON PASS see details in my other posts or click here:

I hope you enjoyed seeing what we have been doing for science lately, I will be updating you at least once a week and will add in what we are doing for History.

Enjoy your day,
Get signed up for the classes - they start on Monday Morning

This is the day that the Lord hath made
Let us be glad and rejoice in it!!
Debbie Phillips

Creation Science for Kids Post 2

What: A Creation Science Workshop in Your Home!

Mondays, September 22 - October 27

Where: Talk-a-Latte Conference Room Online

Time: 10CST-11:30CST

Who: K-8th grade or anyone interested in the wonders of God's awesome creation!

Click Here:

If you did not read yesterdays post the majority of the information for the Creation Science Class for Kids is there... read yesterdays blog post.

I was asked some very good questions and I did answer them in an e-mail to the person who asked but thought I would post them here also in case anyone else had the same questions. So here goes:

Q: Do I need to be on the computer sitting with my kids to watch a live video or is it via words that are typed?
A: Yes, y
ou need to be sitting at the computer with your kids. At least in the room with them. My boys are 11 and 14 and I will let them be at the computer and I will be behind them listening and guiding them as to what to do. The software you need will be on Cindy Rushton's site and she will send an e-mail to you with details of what to do if you buy a ticket.
No, there is no video, it will be an audio class taught by Felice. The kids (and you) can type in questions like a big IM party with all the other class members.

Q: Also is the cost $29.95 for all 6 weeks or one week?
A: The cost is $29.95 for all 6 weeks and covers all the kids in your family and all the stuff (e-books, audios to download later so you can listen to the classes over again, experiments to do at home, and other free gifts. You will not believe what you get for your $29.95.

Q: Do I set up the science experiments on my own and they just give me the details??
A. The science experiments are supposed to be done by each family at home during the class, so that everyone is doing them at the same time. I do not know if that will be feasible for us since my computer is in my bedroom. We may do them before class so that we know what they will be doing during class and can still follow along... it depends on what the experiment consists of.

If you have any other questions just ask. If you sign up for the class and have questions about how to log on or anything else just ask, I keep a good eye on my comments. Also if you sign up for the classes and have trouble check the e-mail Cindy Rushton will send you. She has a website for technical problems.

Here is the article for today:

The Art of Expressing What You Believe
By Christina Gerwitz Moss

Write about what you know and where you have been. This is a common strategy—and I must admit a good one for those who teach writing basics. Yet, as you may expect, it is not the only way. In our first novel, The Missing Link: Found, this is exactly what my mother and I did; we wrote about a campsite we knew well and a fossil float in which we participated. This was a great way to begin writing as it allowed us to easily recall and dot our book with information we had personally observed and experienced. Well-known landmarks, and familiar sights and smells, added to the real-life element we strive to bring into our books. Yet, as the series progressed we gradually turned away from writing about only what we had experienced, and turned instead to that which we did not know.

We made this transition with the aid and support of research.

In Dinosaur Quest at: Diamond Peak we chose to set the second novel in Colorado on a dinosaur dig—a somewhat risky move since neither my mother nor I had ever been there—or on a dinosaur dig for that matter. (It was not until a year after the book had been published, that I had the opportunity to travel to Colorado on a dinosaur dig!) In this novel we could no longer rely on what we knew about a place, instead we had to build on what other people wrote about the location. Everything from what kind of trees where found in Colorado to how they smelled and the effects the weather had on fossilized remains were all researched in great detail. Describing a place we had never been was not an easy endeavor, yet the library, information on national parks, and especially the internet were great aids in writing this book. Colorado was only a small part of all the research and investigation we did for this novel.

We, not only researched the location, but we also spent a lot of time pouring over Creation Science material and excavation practices in Colorado (which are very different than those carried out in Florida). In this book we decided to focus on controversial issues that dealt with the mountainous terrain of the book. We had the opportunity to touch on Polystrate fossils, the second law of thermodynamics, and spent a lot of time on the fossil record—as well as the written record of the flood. These aspects of creation science were woven into the story as the Tyrannosaurs remains were excavated.

So much can be gained from writing a novel—regardless of whether or not you know about the subject or have traveled to the location of your book. Research is often an awesome gateway into learning new information. It can broaden your understanding of a topic or lead you and possibly even your book into a completely new direction. When I began researching skydiving for novel two, I learned so much through books and the internet. Through research, I discovered the daring rescue we had Christian perform. I read that not only had it been attempted, but the skydiving move has also been successfully implemented by other real-life individuals. (To find out what happens you’ll have to read book #2 in the Truth Seekers Mystery Series!) Research, though a good method when you are unfamiliar about a topic it is not the only method used.
Observation and participation is another way to aid in writing; and one that we utilize often. It offers the authors an opportunity to analyze what we think is important and what we want the reader to extract from their reading experience. For example, when describing how Anna and Christian repelled down the mountain we were less focused on detailing the mechanics of the act (though we did add some information) but rather we focused more on the characters themselves. We attempted to capture how they felt about the experience (as Christians) and how they handled the pressure, which to us was the important part—and so we researched with that in mind. I have also been repelling with some friends (In Florida, and then after we wrote the book, in Colorado) and so I was able to bring not only my interpretation of the experience, but also that of my friends. At the time I was repelling, I was not thinking I would use the experience in a book. Yet, by being aware of my surroundings, and recalling how my friends talked about repelling this experience offered me wonderful information to use later in this novel.

I never know where another great story line is hidden or what information I will store in the back of my mind to use—but this is part of the adventure. Many times I’ve heard people say their life is boring or mundane. Pick up a pen and notepad or use a computer to write your own book. If this doesn’t sound fun—why don’t you instead select a good book—which can change your life—if only through its pages.

About Christina Gerwitz Moss...

Christina Gerwitz Moss was homeschooled K-12 and attended Florida Gulf Coast University. She graduated with a degree in Communication and a minor in Anthropology. She is married and has two children. Christina continues to write and is working on several manuscripts. Let Christina and her mom Felice help you teach Creation Science to your children each Monday morning from September 22-October 28. Learn more here:

Fourth: Here is a look at the schedule for the classes:

Creation Science

September 22-October 28

Class One:
The Creation Week

Class Two:
Flood Geology, Noah and the Fossil Record

Class Three:
Evidence for a Young Earth and the Big Bang

Class Four:
Thermodynamics, Problems with Darwin's Theory, False Concepts

Class Five:
DNA and Protein, Ernst Haeckel, Human Senses

Class Six:
What Scientists Believe, Bad Science, and Hoaxes

Have a Great Day!!


Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Creation Science for Kids Post 1

Would you be interested in a Creation Science class for your children?
One that did not cost you gas money?
On that did not cost you extra time in getting everyone ready and driving to the class?
One that was taught by the author of many homeschool books on Creation Science (and other topics)?
One in which your kids would be allowed to ask questions of an expert?
One you kids could join with other kids from across the USA and across the WORLD!!
One that supplied you with experiments you could do with your children?
One that supplied you with an e-book for the class?
One that had audios you could listen to over and over?
One that is 6 weeks long?
One which included special gifts?

How much would you expect to pay for such a class? $60 per child? $50 per child? $40 per child?

How about only $29.95? That is a good deal if you have 1 child! But, if you have 2 children the price is $29.95!! If you have 3 children the price is $29.95!!... ...If you have 10 children the price is 29.95!!! oh... and MOM can listen in too!!! :-)

Would you be interested to know more? Click the link below for more information... but read through the rest of this post... there is a free article below...

The classes will all be online. All of it. The discussion, the e-books, the free gifts, and after the classes are done the audios will be online for you to download. You can use the resources forever with you kids as they grow and/or as other children are born into your family.

The classes will be held each Monday morning from September 22-October 28. If for some reason you miss a class or cannot come to any of them LIVE you can still sign up and get all the freebies and listen to the classes once they are all online.

They will be taught by Felice Gerwitz, one of the authors of Creation Science, Creation Astronomy, Creation Anatomy, and Creation Geology. My boys and I are using her Creation Anatomy book this year as part of our Human Body unit.

Felice is also the owner of Media Angels.

In honor of the class I will have some resources in my posts this week on what we are doing for our Human Body unit. I will also be posting some articles from Felice (and one from her daughter who was homeschooled and is now married, too).

Well, here is the article for today. Make sure to stop back each day this week and see what I add and check out the classes for yourself.

Why is Creation Important? By Felice Gerwitz

Perhaps you have never given much thought to the topic of Creation, the effect it has on people’s lives, or how much it shapes one’s belief system. I know that for years I fell into this category. When faced with evolutionary claims I ignored most, considering them false. While I believed the Bible, considered it to contain the truth of how the world began, believed it was the inspired Word of God and infallible, I had no idea how to respond to those who didn’t. I began to seriously study the topic when I became a homeschool parent and “happened” to meet Jill Whitlock who had once been an agnostic and now was a Christian and Creation Scientist. She showed me many evidences for Creation and thus my fascination with the topic began.

Recently, I was lamenting to the Lord. (I do this from time to time!) I knew I must have misunderstood His call to write and teach others about this topic of Creation. You see it was the Christmas season and I was caught up with the duties of wife, mother and homeschool parent. I was also trying to get the third novel in the mystery series ( my daughter and I had co-authored to print. Even after having it professionally edited every time I read the document I found more and more typos. I was dismayed. The deadline for the first week of December had passed. Therefore, my lament to the Lord!

Yet, God in his infinite wisdom and mercy indeed showed me His will. Of all places it was while shopping at a local membership only store. Here, I noticed a nativity I wished to purchase. Being a bit pricey I wanted to consult my husband. Later, when returning to buy it, I offered to take my newly married nephew and his wife to shop at the store. All these things were in God’s perfect plan. The nativity was encased in glass, and there, perched on the shepherd’s shoulder, was an expensive linen calling card. I would never have plucked it off, but my nephew had no qualms about sticking his hand into the scene, pulling it away, and handing it to me. There was my answer.

As I read the front of the card tears stung my eyes. I could barely open the card to see whose signature it contained… I wanted to write to this person and let them know how much I disagreed! I wanted to tell the person there was hope! There is a God and He is Love! Imagine my surprise when I saw the signature was the Darwinian evolutionary fish! I was stunned. Later, as I read the card I realized the Lord had allowed me to see it. It was as if He was saying, “You see, Felice? When people embrace a belief in evolution that does not include me they are left to their own devices.” Indeed they are. Christians are not fools as this card extols. Christians have it right! This topic is very relevant and important. It should be at the forefront of your education and taught to children of all ages.

But, where do you begin? First, become armed with information. Just believing the Scriptures tell the truth, while commendable is only the beginning. You must understand that is a volatile topic. Unfortunately, the topic of Creation vs. evolution is not only controversial but it is difficult to discuss. Tempers at times flare and the conversation can get out of control. Regrettably this is a way to insure the doors will remain closed instead of open. The fear of those who believe evolution is real. Their fear stems from the following fact: if evolution is discredited, the entire humanistic worldview would go up in smoke!

Do you realize that not one of Darwin’s theories some 144+ years after they were first proposed has ever been proven? The theory of evolution has exerted influence over our world and culture. Humanists believe man is a “natural phenomenon” just like plants and animals. They believe the mind and soul just happened and they were not supernaturally created.

But how do we arm ourselves and our children to logically discuss the topic? Remember, before every discussion pray for the right words and trust in the Lord. He makes crooked paths straight!

About Felice Gerwitz...

Felice Gerwitz has lectured extensively on the topic of science fairs. She is an award winning author and her book “An Insider’s Guide to Successful Science Fair Projects” was chosen book of the month by God’s World Publishing. Let Felice help you teach Creation Science to your children each Monday morning from September 22-October 28. Learn more here:

OR you can also sign up for the entire Fall Season Pass to all of Cindy Ruston's Fall Seminars ... check it out here:

Check back tomorrow for some more great resources,
If you have questions leave them in the comment box and I will get back to you,

Friday, September 12, 2008

Article and Join Us TODAY!!!

OK, this is your last chance to join us LIVE for the online seminar (you can always come back and buy a ticket later, the links will remain the same, but if you want to hear it all LIVE, the time is now. It starts in less than 2 hours. You can buy a ticket and get all the downloads or join for free just to try it out. The link below allows both options.

Once you hear all the stuff you get for free though, you will want to buy a ticket. And the seminars will be soooo awesome you will want to be able to listen to them over and over. But if you have never tried an online conference why not at least give it a try sometime today or tomorrow and see if you like it. That is the way I did it the first time, live for free, I have been hooked ever since.

You may say, I am trying to get out of debt, why should I pay money for a conference. First of all you can come for FREE LIVE like I said. Second, I think you will see the value in spending a few dollars wisely in order to gain some great ideas, some perspective and some support for getting and staying out of debt. $30 is not really that much in the long run, we spend more than that on one meal out with the family at a fast food restaurant. Well I have done all I can do! Won't you join us and make this a great weekend and a great start to your getting out of debt.

Join us for Free or buy a ticket, but do it now!

OK, here is the article I promised you.

Secrets to Making the Most of Your Money
By Harold and Cindy Rushton

Got more month than money? Want to make the most of your money? Want to build a legacy for your children to follow? I have some secrets that just might help. Let's dig in...

==> Cut eating out! Even eating out as frugally ast you can adds up. If you must be out, take sandwiches or snacks along. Otherwise, make a commitment to be home for meals.

==> Cut soft-drinks and juice! Drink water! No only is it better for your health. It is much better for your pocket-book.

==> Got room for a flower bed? Flower pot? Grow a mini-garden! Grow a few vegetables. Not only is it yummy and more healthy, but it will help your budget.

==> You may not LIKE It... but, hang out your clothes instead of using the dryer. Save electricity drying the clothes and cooling the house...and get the laundry done faster too. Don't have a clothes line? Have a deck? Yep! Hang them out--in just a bit they will be dry and ready to put away!

==> Simplify meals! Cindy has always helped with our budget by making hearty dishes that go far like red beans and rice, homemade chili with red beans and turtle beans, spaghetti, soups, etc. I really like those foods better than eating out. It has been amazing to watch her spread a package of meat for a whole week in dishes like that. Not only is she spreading the meat, she is spreading our finances further as well.

==> Contrary to popular belief.. You don't HAVE TO HAVE a cell phone...or cable TV...or a phone. Buy a pre-paid phone. Cindy only spent $49.99 on her phone and only tops it up every month-two months with $20.00. Her phone bill went from $100.00 per month to minimal amounts. Cringe over the TV thing? We don't do without entertainment. If you want entertainment, check out your library. Ours has videos that can be checked out for free. Get movies at the library and plan a movie night with your family. more!

==> Get rid of those car payments! Making car payments? Talk about a noose! Sell those cars! Get a $2-3,000.00 car. I have been all across the country in my $2,000 truck. No monthly payments. I save money every time I crank it up with its gas efficiency. Plus! Every month, I save on my insurance since I do not have to have comprehensive insurance to make a bank happy.

==> Kids and teens can save too! Don't make this just a "parent-thing" in your family! Kids can save too! They don't have to have a cell phone--in fact, going back to pre-paid cell phones, they are actually safer for your children. We bought the least expensive model for each member of our family. They do not take pictures or send/receive pictures. Yes, our teens are surviving this! Actually, Cindy was in a Bible study at church when she learned that several teenagers in the church were upset about a friend who had let a young boy take a picture of her nude. The first thing the boy did with the picture was forward that picture to all of his friends. Think YOUR children aren't doing this? Won't ever see anything like this? Well, Matthew was in charge of some teens at a church event several months ago. He caught several of his teen boys were sharing porn pics from the internet. Long story short, you not only SAVE their purity, you also save on your budget. Also, keep those teens HOME! Bring their friends into your home with video nights...paintball in your Also, give them great ideas for inexpensive outings with their friends. Let them be a part of your attack on debt!

==> Cut going! Each trip for our family to town costs us at least 2 gallons of gas--that does not count going a lot around town in traffic. We already have several commitments in town per week with church and business. We have cut any extra going and limited it to only the times that are on our schedule. Not only does this save our precious time with our family, but it helps our budget drastically each month.

==> Be accountable! Write down your budget and chart all expenses on paper. Let the whole family see it. There is just nothing quite like seeing the little "foxes" that steal from the budget. Our teens would much rather have a regular family treat than drink soft drinks. They would rather see us invest in big expenses than drink a soft drink or chit-chat on the phone. Also, it helps us make better decisions when we know that we have to show our children what we are spending our money on--hard to buy junk when they are sacrificing at the same time! Not only that, it is also an amazing testimony for our children to see God's blessing upon our finances in meeting our needs and also shocking us with the desires of our heart. They have a "history" with God that has been charted through their childhood. Hopefully it will build a legacy for them and their children and their children's children.


Need more help???
Join us for our NEW Talk-a-Latte Seminar
with Leslie Valeska
A Simple Journey to Debt Free Living!
Learn more and grab your ticket here:

I hope to see you there.
Debbie (I sign on to Cindy's Conferences as Debbie~Most~Helpful)

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Fireproof - the Movie

In case you have not seen the ads for this movie, I wanted to share it here.

Facing the Giants is the best film I have seen in many a year.
Now the creators of Facing the Giants have made a new movie,
especially for couples.

This is one movie you don't want to miss.
Take your husband/wife on a date night!
Don't miss opening weekend Sept. 26th - 27th, 2008


Watch the video below then click on the banner above to go directly to the fireproof website for more information on the movie and where you can see it in your area.

Hope you go see the movie opening weekend, it is especially important. Send Hollywood a message that we want to see more good films like this.


The Toymaker

I just got a Fall newsletter from the Toymaker and enjoyed it very much. Especially the free Bookmarks and the section titled "Hello and Hello" about teaching. I thought you might enjoy it also so here is the link to the newsletter.

I hope you enjoy the site and the newsletter,


Today's Article - Debt Attack Tips!

In honor of the upcoming Seminar on Friday

A Simple Journey to Debt Free Living!

Here is the article for today, and check out the Seminar details at this link:

Quick Debt Attack Tips! By Harold and Cindy Rushton

Do you just HATE debt? Has it ever felt like a noose around your neck? Ready to come away from the slavery? Here are some quick tips to help you attack that debt and find the freedom that you are longer for!

==> What's in Your Hand? Yep! What do you have in your hand to battle that debt with? Do you have a skill? Do you have stuff? Do you have a product? Do you have equipment? Want your dreams to come true? Well, offer up those "fish and bread" in your hand to the Great Provider. Watch Him do a miracle! He may ask you to use your skill of cleaning to begin an office cleaning business--talk about a great business model with a very limited investment. Maybe you have tons of old books that are just collecting dust--hear the call to sell on Ebay? What about those purses that you make...or books that you have written...or even parts from that junk car in the yard--sell it on Ebay! What about that lawn mower...or that bobcat? Put that ad in the paper and offer up what you have in your hand. Watch God bless!

==> Stop the Leaks! If your money bucket is leaking quicker than you are filling it up, stop everything right now. Find a way to stop the leak! Write down every penny you spend for a week. Shock you? Little things will make a HUGE difference. Just cutting out soft drinks for our family of four saved us hundreds of dollars. Don't believe it? Just do a bit of math--

Family of 4 drinking 2 soft drinks per day--1.25 each--$10.00
Hummm..7 days a week all month---$310.00
JUST ON SOFT DRINKS! That doesn't count the calories or the health problems!

==> MAKE a budget and LIVE the budget! First, write down all of your necessary expenses--tithing, housing, utilities, gas, food, financial commitments. Decide which part of the month you will need to pay each. Next, look at all of the other things that you spend money on-- Find any of the leaks on your budget and apply the money from those leaks to get rid of debts one-by-one. Not enough money for all of the month? Take a look again at what is in your hand--what can you do to make more money? Nothing? How about looking around you for an extra job--we can truly testify that we always need help with our businesses but few people genuinely want to work hard for money. Debt hurt bad enough? It only takes a little while to catch back up and be free. Find that extra job. Or get rid of of those extras for a little while. There may be things that have to be set aside until the debt is retired. More than likely just using a budget will help to give the accountability needed to get rid of most debt and debt problems. My favorite resources for figuring up a budget (and all of the incidentals) can be found here: Dave Ramsey's Website or at Living On a Dime's Website.

==> "Live like no one else today so you can live like no one else tomorrow!" Anyone know who says that one? Yep! My favorite writer and speaker, Dave Ramsey. Dave is SO right! If we will just tighten our belts for a little while, in only a little while, we can have our dreams! I don't know about all of you, but I cannot stand being in captivity to the debt taskmasters. I want to go for all that God can give me in this life. I cannot do that if I am serving the master of debt too. I remember the day that Harold and I with our children decided that we would commit to live like no one else for a period of time so we could live like no one else later. The dream of having daddy home with us is worth it! The dream of having a business that our children can have as a heritage is worth it! really only takes a little while!

==> Don't presume upon the future. This is one HUGE lesson that God spoke to my heart about my debt. He let me go through a period of not having "enough" to pay off the debts that I owed. It was a long, stressful, frustrating time. At any time, He could have removed that "thorn" from me. Yet, He didn't. He left me in the wilderness--in the heat of the journey. Talk about one I do not EVER care to go through again! If He spoke this word to my heart once, He spoke it a million times--no exaggeration there! Really any debt is presuming about our future. It assumes that we will have another heartbeat--we will have another chance. It assumes that the check will be here. It assumes that the needs for tomorrow will be less than the needs of today--unlikely! Boy! That will bite us! There are no guarantees. Even when people owe us money, there are no guarantees that *they* will be able to pay us--not even employers. We just cannot commit to spend tomorrow's money until it gets here and God gives us a clearance to spend that money. God is so very faithful. I have not finished my study through the entire Bible on money and debt (that is what I am studying right now). However, the very first thing that I remembered being taught as a little girl was to pray that God would give us our daily bread. Remember that? Jesus taught us to pray that request. However, it was not to pray for next year's daily bread so we could have extras today. That is just not how it works. We have to learn to use great self-control with our finances. Every single need will truly be provided faithfully by our Heavenly Father. out! Faithfulness also brings His lavish blessings upon our household. He is certainly our good Master!

==> Hit Debt Bit-by-Bit! Got debt? Want out, but have no idea how to begin? Beloved, first know that it won't take but a little while! Hate the debt and hit that debt! In a little while you are going to be free from the shackles. True Freedom! Get started by stopping the leaks to your finances. If you are going further and further in debt each month, take a long hard look at your finances. Are there things that really need to go? Soft drinks? Eating out? Lessons for the kids? Cable TV/Satellite? Cell phones? Telephones? Those car notes (sell and buy a cheap, good vehicle)? Going too much? Cut those extras! Add up how much all of those things are costing you. For a season, fast from those things. It won't take long and your debt can truly be mastered. Also, simplify everything! Cook meals in bulk--we always save tons with crock pot meals, staples like red beans and rice or soups, and eating sandwiches. We also save on entertainment by checking out videos for free from our library rather than renting, paying extra for cable/satellite, or going out to the movies. Really those things are great money savers, but they also save the family life--you can make sweeter memories with your family all together. What a perk! Finally, also write it all down--be accountable on paper. Every single penny should be logged. Let the whole family see the expenses. Talk about accountability! The kids have helped me to see the waste in Latte's and how much nicer it is to be able to exercise and afford regular family memories every single month with that one commitment!

==> Get God's Vision! Lastly, we want to encourage you to look past the debt for a little bit. Look past the hard times and the struggles to get past this desert in your life. Think about the joy set before you! Can you imagine the difference in your family life? Can you see Daddy coming home for his dream business? Can you see that monthly income without all of the envelopes and threat letters in piles? Can you imagine the joy of seeing your children build their own homes and have their families without all of the debt? Can you see your children's children walking in freedom and liberty? Yes! It is worth it today! This is truly only a small period of time for you. It will be the thing that will make tomorrow a joy and delight. Read Deuteronomy lately? I have been camping there myself this past few months. I have been studying several things in depth in that book. One thing that is an underlying theme of that book of the Bible is God's plans for us financially. They are good plans! He wants to lavish us with blessings. He wants for us to pass on a legacy to our children that distinguishes them among our culture. He wants for us to be the lenders and givers to those who are in need--not to be the ones in need. He has chosen us to be His precious children--ruling and reigning in dominion over the world we are in. And...great news! He has a wonderful plan, complete with how-to's for how we are to get there! So, grasp for His best! Get a vision of all He desires and go for it! You have treasures awaiting you!

Need MORE Help?
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Join us,
Enjoy the article,
Hope it helps you start to attack your debt,


Wednesday, September 10, 2008

An Article to help you "Combat the Cost of Gas"

An articl
e from Leslie - I will post a new article here tomorrow and Friday early am before the start of the seminar so check back each day and check out the seminar if you need more help. It should be a great one and timely with the rising cost of EVERYTHING!!

Combat the Cost of Gas
By Leslie Valeska

Think the cost of gas is high? Me too! Today I heard a news report that predicted gas would reach $5/gallon before summer's end. The same report included information about a raise in electricity prices as well. Although it wasn't included in the reports, this will directly affect the cost of other items, especially groceries and other necessities. With all these prices rising and our paychecks remaining constant, how can a family stay within their budget?

One way to combat prices is to take a stern approach to re-evaluating your gas usage. If gas is your main source of heat and cooking energy, you are going to do a bit of number crunching as the prices continue to rise. The good news is that the winter is behind us, so there won't be heating costs. But summer is around the bend. For those of living in the south, we already have been running our air conditioners for the last few weeks.

With home cooling costs, think just inside the comfort zone. By turning your thermostat up to 78-79 degrees, your a/c will run less. If you have an automated thermostat, use the day night settings. This can really be an energy saver. If your home is cooled by means of window units, only run them when you are home during the mid season. As the hotter months come around, keep the units at a constant temperature; preferably at the warmest you can tolerate. If you still have need of a heat source and you have some type of wood burning element (stove, fireplace, soapstone insert) consider using it exclusively.

Cooking is another issue. I have spent time today trying to forecast the most efficient method of cooking with the estimated rise in cost of energy. As best I can figure with "ghost" numbers, small electric appliances will be the best methods of cooking with the least amount of money spent on gas and electric. The small appliances I evaluated and found to be the best were the crock-pot, electric skillet, counter-top grill, and microwave.

I have never cooked in a microwave (ours is nothing more than a bread box). However, using the energy sticker (your appliances will either have a sticker or an imprint of wattage on them) I was able to calculate that it would be less expensive to use the microwave to roast a chicken than either a gas or electric oven. The crock-pot yielded an even higher energy savings for roasting the same chicken. The good news for us is that spring is here and summer is fast approaching. This means that we are less inclined to want to heat up our kitchens by using the oven and stove top. Small electric appliances are an excellent resource for the homemaker to help cut energy costs.

A much over looked resource for energy efficient cooking today, is the old fashioned charcoal grill. Gas grills are wonderful (we have one). They are quick to light and heat up. However, with the cost of gas today, it can be costly. Even if you already own a gas grill, consider purchasing a charcoal grill. They can be very inexpensive for a bare bones model. Either way, grilling keeps household energy costs down.

One more food preparation option that will help with slashing home energy costs is "uncooked" dinners. These are meals that are comprised mostly, if not solely of uncooked or previously cooked ingredients. For example, salads can be made in abundance and with a great variety. Left over meat from another meal will make a great protein topping. Sandwiches are another wonderful option to use leftovers. Sandwiches can be simple or complex, you choose. Planning ahead for these types of meals is the way to go. When you are making chicken for dinner one night be sure to cook enough to stretch for another two or three simple uncooked meals. In this way you are using the energy source and heating up your kitchen only once.

These are some tips to get you thinking about how you can change a few methods you may be more accustomed to that will help you to reduce your energy costs. The next post will focus on ways to cut back on vehicle energy costs.


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Hope this helps

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Freebie and an Opportunity for YOU!

There is a Talk-a-Latte seminar coming up this week. Cindy Rushton will be welcoming Leslie Valeska from for a fantastic online seminar next week. The seminar is called, A SIMPLE JOURNEY TO DEBT-FREE LIVING. It sounds FABULOUS! I am signed up for the seminar... want to join us??

You see one of the neat things about the Cindy's online seminars is that everything is ONLINE. You can come in your pj's. Drink and eat at home, no hotel bills or eating out. You don't have to find a baby sitter, just give you kids something constructive to do and listen in. Cindy builds a private, exclusive Membership Site that includes everything from the seminar in one place--it includes audios (from all of the sessions and from the bonus gifts that her speakers give to us), ebooks, complete unit study guides, articles, printable notebooking pages, cookbooks, on and on. I can't believe all of the things that we receive for only $29.95. It is truly amazing! Especially with this seminar.

The website is accessible forever. The links above and below are accessible forever... or for a long, long time anyway. You can buy your ticket today, or tomorrow or Thursday. You can buy a ticket next week or next month or next year... BUT, it is more fun if you buy your ticket by Thursday because then you not only get to download all the great stuff at the website once it is all up, but you get to be part of the LIVE online conference. Listen to Leslie, chat with the ladies who are also listening to the conference, it is like listening to a live call on your computer while you IM a large group of ladies. Ask Questions of the ladies or of Leslie, get in touch with other homeschool moms from around the world, chat about the topics that Leslie brings up... it is soooo much FUN! You have to experience it to believe it! Please, give it a try. Oh... about the kids... the great thing about the online seminar and having a ticket is that if you have to take care of things at your house and miss a session or two or more... all the ones you miss will be online later for you to download and listen to, and the ones you hear live will be there too. You will be able to download and listen to Leslie over and over.

Please, leave me a note back here if you have questions or if you buy a ticket and want to make sure I know about it. I would love to be able to recognize your name on Friday at the online conference. If you want me to, I can keep the post private and not share it with my readers... just let me know in your comment.

Anyway, back to the reason that I am sharing with you...

Cindy gave me permission to give you a sampler of one of her free gifts that is included on the Membership Site. I am so excited to give it to you! It is an audio workshop featuring Leslie Valeska that she actually sells on her website, but she is giving it away on the Membership Site and we are giving it to YOU!

Trim the Fat! Cutting Costs from YOUR Grocery Bill
with Leslie Valeska

Who doesn’t want to reduce their grocery expenses? I know I do! Grocery shopping can be low cost for all types of food purchases…as long as you know how. Trim the Fat includes topics such as:

How to shop each store the SMART way!
Tricks of the Trade
Fresh Produce for Less
Meat for Less
Organics for Less
How to buy convenience for pennies

STOP giving so much money to your local grocer and keep it in YOUR bank account, where it belongs!

Here's the Freebie

Isn't that FUN?

You know the saying that a picture captures a thousand words, well...what about a gift like that??? And, just think...that audio is only ONE of the awesome gifts included on the Membership Site. There are many, many more!

Got more month than money? Want to make the most of your money? Want to build a legacy for your children to follow? We can help!We have some secrets that just might help.

Virtual Seminar Series
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The Following Seminars will be included in the Season Pass
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  • November 7-8–Let’s Make a Memory
  • December 12-13–A Crash Course on Spiritual Warfare!
  • PLUS! Our first students class! Creation Science Class with Felice Gerwitz

I am really looking forward to all the sessions but I am especially looking forward to the Spiritual Warfare session and the Creation Science Class for kids! I really need the spiritual Warfare one. I feel like I have been in a battle for the last 4 years and I need help to keep on fighting Satan. AND, where else can you get a 6 week course where your kids can participate in an online class, and get a handbook, instructions, experiments, vocabulary lists, and more for only $29.95! So Sign up Today! Join me at ALL the classes, I am signed up for them all, and I will see you online!!!

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Homeschool Freebie of the Day

I was asked by Jim Erskine of Homeschool Freebie of the Day to pass the information on to fellow homeschoolers. I do not know how many of you may have heard of this and how many have not so I wanted to share with you guys. This is a great site. Every weekday they have a free download that pertains to some area of homeschooling. I put the link in my "Morning Coffee" a reminder for sites I use everyday.. an addon from Mozilla Firefox... so that I don't forget to get the free download every day. Also I suggest you sign up for their heads up, reminder e-mails which they send every Monday The reminder lists the freebies for the week and gives subscribers an extra bonus each week. Just click the JOIN LIST tab at the top of their page or click on the second link below. I also have their link in my freebie section on the column on the right.

Home Page


they are also the owners of Homeschool Radio Shows - a weekly free audio download

you can get free notices of new audios by clicking the pop up that comes up on the site or go here


Thursday, September 4, 2008

More Beijing Olympics Links and Lapbook Photos

Below you will find links for more pages for the Olympics and pictures of my son Christopher's completed lapbook (age 11), pictures from my other son Nathan's incomplete... but working on it... lapbook minis and my own lapbook minis. I have one more project to do before I put my lapbook together. I will also put up a picture of what my lapbook cover will look like once I get it done. As always in my thoroughness I will give you the links to all the places I found the mini booklets and information. Also how I put together the booklets that I made up for us.

and leave me a comment...
and check out the sale from Cindy Rushton in my post from Tuesday...
the Sale ends Sunday, Sept. 7th.

Section 1 of Christopher's 2008 Beijing Olympics Lapbook

On the top left flap is a wallet made from the instructions at
we made it with colored computer paper

under that is a pocket made from the Library Pocket template at
or make two at a time at
I just made the pocket as usual and folded the top down and put a dots of velcro on the tab to keep it closed

The money in the wallet and the coins were made from this site
I printed the money on regular weight computer paper we cut them out - not all of them just a few - and pasted them back to back so they really look like money, the coins I printed on cardstock to make a little more sturdy and we cut and pasted them back to back also.

Center section - top left
FUWA Booklet outside and inside are shown
inside pages were printed from
my Dinah Zike's Big Book of Projects pg 87 Blank Sheet
pictures and information were from:

Next to that to the right is his Olympic Mascots through the years booklet
for details of that see my previous post here:

Center section - under the FUWA booklet
Asia Classification Cards

NOTE: make sure you leave out the Taj Mahal picture when you do it - Taj Mahal is in India not China the rest of the Asia cards are fine.
I printed them on cardstock and we put them in the large
Homeschool Share Pocket
We wrote facts about the cards on the back.

Next to the Asia Classification cards are the
Asian animals cards from here:
in a small pocket from here:
or make two at a time at
I printed the Asian Animals cards 8 on a page, which because they are pdf and already 4 on a page means I printed two pages on piece of cardstock. They fit in the small pocket just fine that way if you trim the top front of the pocket so you can see the name of the animals and get them out easier. I also trimmed the back so it would not stick up to far. We wrote facts on the back of each card like we did with the Asia Classification Cards. You could do them large and just print each page as is but that takes more ink and I was trying to conserve.
I did a Google image search for the Asian animal my kids wanted to put on the front of the pocket and printed it 2" by2" to fit on the pocket.

On the right tab at the top is the
Missionary Report Form Pocket
Each of us created the contents of the pocket in a different way I will tell you about each in the section under the slide show that contains the picture. Christopher did his biography of a missionary that went to China on a quarter page from my Dinah Zike's Big Book of Projects pg 87 Blank Sheet.

Under the Missionary Report Form Pocket is the
Bible verse pocket and card
We only used the Pocket however because I wanted the boys to copy the verses as copywork.
For the verses the boys used

Section 2 of Christopher's 2008 Beijing Olympics Lapbook

left flap and bottom center are two mini file folders from Tobins Lab
Lap Book tm, Mini File Folders-Rainbow
in the file folders we put biography pages about Olympic athletes past and present using biography pages from
I printed the pages, reducing them to fit the mini file folder. I am sorry I don't know exactly what % I reduced them to, I should have written it down, but start with 80% and go from there. You will just have to do it trial and error like I did. Next time I do something like this I will keep better track of the reduction %.
Or you could use

Top and middle of the center section are
comparing Ancient and Modern Olympics
Christopher also did one comparing Athens and Beining's Opening Ceremonies

on the right flap Christopher has the mini book that compares an athlete's diet to his diet. We used the mini booklet Compare & Contrast Diets Matchbook
on the right side of the mini booklet there is a food pyramid from
under that we included an adult food pyramid that includes additions for athletes from
click on the link that says the Food Pyramid for Athletes can be downloaded from this site.
That will take you to the next page. You have to agree to their terms before being aloud to download so read and then click on I accept the usage restriction: Food Pyramid for Athletes (English, PDF 2.1 MB) that will take you to the pdf file for downloading.

Section 3 of Christopher's 2008 Beijing Olympics Lapbook

Left Flap
Can You Believe It? Trifolds

Olympic Oath from
My Name in Chinese Matchbook & Oath Matchbook

Center Section
Flag of China Minit Book

Track Events Shape Book from:
Track and Water Events Shape Books

Summer Olympic Logos mini book
for details of that see my previous post here:

Right Flap
My Name in Chinese
booklet from here
My Name in Chinese Matchbook & Oath Matchbook
find your name here

Water Events Shape Book
Track and Water Events Shape Books

Most of the booklets in this section of the lapbook and some in other sections were gotten from here
and here
there are also other mini booklets we did not do or did differently

Mini Booklets that will be in my son Nathan's Lapbook

Nathan's Mini book Flag of China Minit Book - showing the inside only

Next is the inside of Nathan's FUWA booklet
again - the
inside pages were printed from my Dinah Zike's Big Book of Projects pg 87 Blank Sheet
pictures and information were from:

Nathan's Missionary mini booklet
Nathan wrote on 14 little pages from
Dinah Zike's Big Book of Projects pg 87 Blank Sheet
it was so thick it hardly fit in the
Missionary Report Form Pocket
so he did not do a cover for the booklet

Next is the insides of Nathan's Compare Diets mini book found here
Compare & Contrast Diets Matchbook
please - no comments on what he ate that day... it is not typical of our diet

Next is the inside of Nathan's
My Name in Chinese
booklet from here
My Name in Chinese Matchbook & Oath Matchbook
find your name here
just so you can see how we did the inside of one of them

Mini Booklets that will go in my Lapbook

these are extra ones that I did that the boys did not do or that I did differently and the cover of my lapbook also

Picture 1 - my Asia Classification Cards
specifically to show how I did the front of the pocket
NOTE: make sure you leave out the Taj Mahal picture when you do it - Taj Mahal is in India not China the rest of the Asia cards are fine.
I printed them on cardstock and we put them in the large
Homeschool Share Pocket
We wrote facts about the cards on the back.

Picture 2 - My Missionary to China page
I used
using biography pages from
I printed the pages, reducing it to 58% to fit the
Missionary Report Form Pocket

Picture 3 and 4
the inside and outside of the My Team Medals Won Ba
r Graph
However I did not want to do a bar graph but wanted to do a list with the name of the sport and the list of gold, silver and bronze that the US got... so I made a page to fit in Open Office Calc spreadsheet maker - here is a link to the file in an online file share spot, you can use it if you prefer it to the bar graph

Picture 5 and 6
Symbols and Traditions of the Olympics Flap

Pictures 7 - 9
Olympian Files past and present
Lap Book tm, Mini File Folders-Rainbow
in the file folders we put biography pages about Olympic athletes past and present using biography pages from
I printed the pages, reducing them to fit the mini file folder. I am sorry I don't know exactly what % I reduced them to, I should have written it down, but start with 80% and go from there. You will just have to do it trial and error like I did. Next time I do something like this I will keep better track of the reduction %.
Or you could use
I made the pocket myself using a pattern similar to the large pocket to fit all four mini file folders

Pictures 10 and 12
cover "I'm on a seafood diet. I see food and I eat it. ~ author unkown
booklet Compare & Contrast Diets Matchbook
I also included an adult food pyramid that includes additions for athletes from
go to the link above and click on English on the upper right hand side so you can read the page
click on the link that says the Food Pyramid for Athletes can be downloaded from this site.
That will take you to the nest page. you have to agree to their terms before being aloud to download so read and then click on I accept the usage restriction: Food Pyramid for Athletes (English, PDF 2.1 MB) that will take you to the pdf file for downloading

Pictures 13-15
Torch's Journey Pocket
I put the maps on a piece of construction paper and folded it in fourths to fit in the pocket
the map of the world is glued on the left and opens so you can see the whole map and the map of china is on the right hand side - see picture in slideshow

for details of the maps see my previous post here:

Pictures 16 and 17
Souvenirs of my "trip"
using the
the large Homeschool Share Pocket
I put "souvenirs" of my trip
a post card from me to my friend in Minnesota... that I did not actually send because I did not actually go...but written as if I was in China at the Olympics... got it??

just do a search on google image for photos of the olympics and other souvenirs you may want to include like coins, t-shirts, pins, FUWA dolls, etc.

we found a picture of a ticket here and printed it for our souvenirs

Pictures 18 and 19
Asian animals cards - from here:
for details of how I made them smaller and where to get the pocket from see section 1 of Chistopher's lapbook above

Picture 20
Olympic Timeline Fan blank
I used the blank ones and printed a bunch on cardstock because I want to do one card for each year of the olympics summer and winter because I do not expect to do an Olympic Lapbook again

Picture 21
inside of one of my Can You Believe It? Trifolds

Picture 22 and 23
I printed out the "dolls" at 60% but wish I had made them a little smaller so I could fit them like I wanted on the front. I wanted them to link hands in a circle on the front of my lapbook but they would not fit. I am not sure what size they would have to be to do that. So I improvised and put 6 on the front and I have 3 left that I will put inside my lapbook once it is done.

Another idea is to put them in a pocket so your child could take them out and play with them.
they are not regular paper dolls with tabs so you can change the clothes the clothes get glued on, but they are sooo cute.

The link under that has very cute "paper dolls" (not just for girls) of different cultures and different sports that would be especially good for your Olympic unit and other friends for other units... these are soooooo cute :-)

I also used the little friends to decorate one of my containers that I keep on my computer desk

a coloring page to include in your lapbook or use for the cover if you want

a game of dominoes with Olympic Symbols on them


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