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Creation Science for Kids Post 1

Would you be interested in a Creation Science class for your children?
One that did not cost you gas money?
On that did not cost you extra time in getting everyone ready and driving to the class?
One that was taught by the author of many homeschool books on Creation Science (and other topics)?
One in which your kids would be allowed to ask questions of an expert?
One you kids could join with other kids from across the USA and across the WORLD!!
One that supplied you with experiments you could do with your children?
One that supplied you with an e-book for the class?
One that had audios you could listen to over and over?
One that is 6 weeks long?
One which included special gifts?

How much would you expect to pay for such a class? $60 per child? $50 per child? $40 per child?

How about only $29.95? That is a good deal if you have 1 child! But, if you have 2 children the price is $29.95!! If you have 3 children the price is $29.95!!... ...If you have 10 children the price is 29.95!!! oh... and MOM can listen in too!!! :-)

Would you be interested to know more? Click the link below for more information... but read through the rest of this post... there is a free article below...


The classes will all be online. All of it. The discussion, the e-books, the free gifts, and after the classes are done the audios will be online for you to download. You can use the resources forever with you kids as they grow and/or as other children are born into your family.

The classes will be held each Monday morning from September 22-October 28. If for some reason you miss a class or cannot come to any of them LIVE you can still sign up and get all the freebies and listen to the classes once they are all online.

They will be taught by Felice Gerwitz, one of the authors of Creation Science, Creation Astronomy, Creation Anatomy, and Creation Geology. My boys and I are using her Creation Anatomy book this year as part of our Human Body unit.

Felice is also the owner of Media Angels.

In honor of the class I will have some resources in my posts this week on what we are doing for our Human Body unit. I will also be posting some articles from Felice (and one from her daughter who was homeschooled and is now married, too).

Well, here is the article for today. Make sure to stop back each day this week and see what I add and check out the classes for yourself.

Why is Creation Important? By Felice Gerwitz


Perhaps you have never given much thought to the topic of Creation, the effect it has on people’s lives, or how much it shapes one’s belief system. I know that for years I fell into this category. When faced with evolutionary claims I ignored most, considering them false. While I believed the Bible, considered it to contain the truth of how the world began, believed it was the inspired Word of God and infallible, I had no idea how to respond to those who didn’t. I began to seriously study the topic when I became a homeschool parent and “happened” to meet Jill Whitlock who had once been an agnostic and now was a Christian and Creation Scientist. She showed me many evidences for Creation and thus my fascination with the topic began.

Recently, I was lamenting to the Lord. (I do this from time to time!) I knew I must have misunderstood His call to write and teach others about this topic of Creation. You see it was the Christmas season and I was caught up with the duties of wife, mother and homeschool parent. I was also trying to get the third novel in the mystery series (TruthSeekersMysterySeries.com) my daughter and I had co-authored to print. Even after having it professionally edited every time I read the document I found more and more typos. I was dismayed. The deadline for the first week of December had passed. Therefore, my lament to the Lord!

Yet, God in his infinite wisdom and mercy indeed showed me His will. Of all places it was while shopping at a local membership only store. Here, I noticed a nativity I wished to purchase. Being a bit pricey I wanted to consult my husband. Later, when returning to buy it, I offered to take my newly married nephew and his wife to shop at the store. All these things were in God’s perfect plan. The nativity was encased in glass, and there, perched on the shepherd’s shoulder, was an expensive linen calling card. I would never have plucked it off, but my nephew had no qualms about sticking his hand into the scene, pulling it away, and handing it to me. There was my answer.

As I read the front of the card tears stung my eyes. I could barely open the card to see whose signature it contained… I wanted to write to this person and let them know how much I disagreed! I wanted to tell the person there was hope! There is a God and He is Love! Imagine my surprise when I saw the signature was the Darwinian evolutionary fish! I was stunned. Later, as I read the card I realized the Lord had allowed me to see it. It was as if He was saying, “You see, Felice? When people embrace a belief in evolution that does not include me they are left to their own devices.” Indeed they are. Christians are not fools as this card extols. Christians have it right! This topic is very relevant and important. It should be at the forefront of your education and taught to children of all ages.

But, where do you begin? First, become armed with information. Just believing the Scriptures tell the truth, while commendable is only the beginning. You must understand that is a volatile topic. Unfortunately, the topic of Creation vs. evolution is not only controversial but it is difficult to discuss. Tempers at times flare and the conversation can get out of control. Regrettably this is a way to insure the doors will remain closed instead of open. The fear of those who believe evolution is real. Their fear stems from the following fact: if evolution is discredited, the entire humanistic worldview would go up in smoke!

Do you realize that not one of Darwin’s theories some 144+ years after they were first proposed has ever been proven? The theory of evolution has exerted influence over our world and culture. Humanists believe man is a “natural phenomenon” just like plants and animals. They believe the mind and soul just happened and they were not supernaturally created.

But how do we arm ourselves and our children to logically discuss the topic? Remember, before every discussion pray for the right words and trust in the Lord. He makes crooked paths straight!

About Felice Gerwitz...

Felice Gerwitz has lectured extensively on the topic of science fairs. She is an award winning author and her book “An Insider’s Guide to Successful Science Fair Projects” was chosen book of the month by God’s World Publishing. Let Felice help you teach Creation Science to your children each Monday morning from September 22-October 28. Learn more here:

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